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                                     Personal Safety: A Fact of Life
                                                   By: Sgt. Bill Davis
                                                    Beaumont, Texas

Often our daily lifestyles take us from the safety and security of our home or office.
Some professions require home visits or interviews on the violator’s turf, sometimes putting our safety at risk. 
We cannot help the children on our caseload, or do our job effectively whatever it might be, or live our life to its fullest if we are injured, raped, or killed. 
Sgt. Bill Davis presents some common sense ideas and a few defensive tactics to help us maintain a higher level of awareness and safety at home, our workplace, and in our vehicles while we work, travel, or go through our daily routine.  He will also discuss the fastest rising crime in our nation – identity theft. 
He also provides profiles of the three types of rapists, thus enabling the audience to have a better understanding of a possible attacker.  A great way to defeat your enemy is to know how he thinks and know his motivations.



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