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Bettendorf, Iowa
Children Exposed to Violence Annual Conference
March 28, 2008

"He touched my heart.  I would love to hear him speak again."
"Unbelievable - so informative.  Touching, motivating, and scary.  Thank you."
"Very knowledgeable - Good Presentation - Keep doing what you're doing, it's very helpful! God Bless."
"Very powerful presentation.  Excellent speaker."

Odessa, Texas
8-hour "Child Abuse: A National Epidemic" seminar
September 27, 2008

 "Mr. Davis kept your attention at all times.  The seminar was not boring! GREAT SEMINAR!!"
"Sgt. Davis was very consistent and very knowledgeable and kept my interest. I learned things that I had no clue about.  I would attend his seminar again."
"I was never bored.  This was amazing."
"I will continue to pray that God will grant you your health and wisdom to continue what you are doing."
"Very thorough and informative.  Kept my attention even though I had worked all night and was extremely tired.  Excellent speaker!"

Paris, Texas
Chism Elementary School
30-minute "Child Safety: First & Forever with Officer Bill" program
December 11, 2008

 "We thought he did an awesome job, especially on the touch part.  He put it on their level.
Good job."
- Patricia, K teacher
"As a parent, I enjoyed today's assembly.  I have talked with my girls about those things, but it is just nice to have someone in an authoritative position reinforce what I have talked with them about."  Casey - 4th grade teacher
"Great assembly!  I think he related to the kids on their level and they understood.  The time frame was perfect as well for this age group."  Wyndi, 3rd grade teacher

Hudson, Texas
Hudson High School
90-minute "Sex and the Law" program
March 9, 2009

 "Wow!  I can't believe I listened for 90-minutes.  But, it didn't seem like 90-minutes."  Student
"Sgt. Davis, thanks for bragging on us students who do practice abstinence." Male student
"He did a great job.  I'm glad ya'll brought him here."  Superintendent to counselors
"I've never seen anyone keep the attention of teenagers for 90-minutes,
but he did.  He even kept my attention."
  Jr. high school principal

Central, Texas
Central High School
90-minute "Sex and the Law" program
March 8, 2010

Father attending the program:  "It should be a law for every high school student in Texas to see this program before they are allowed to graduate from high school."



 Groveton, Texas
 Parent night at Groveton High School
September 21, 2010
"You're not teaching them about sex.  They already know that.  You're just teaching them the laws that deal with that word," one parent stated. 

Crockett, Texas
Parent with two teenage girls at Crockett High School
October, 2010

"Thank you for presenting your Sex and the Law program at the school where my two teenage daughters attend.  You made a profound impact on them."


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